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24180 SPEAKER WALL MOUNT - white
Two adjustable brackets 20 x 98 mm and 24 x 98 mm, tilt angle to 15°. Wall clearance 105 mm. ..
AED 270.00
Ex Tax: AED 270.00
Screw-on ceiling mount for speakers such as the Genelec 8000 series. ..
AED 590.00
Ex Tax: AED 590.00
Moog - Voyager Gig Bag- ACCGB004
For getting around town, the Voyager gig bag is a lightweight and convenient way to safely transp..
AED 250.00
Ex Tax: AED 250.00
SMPRO - JuiceRack 8: 8 Slot 500 Series Power Rack
JuiceRack 8: 8 Slot 500 Series Power Rack   JuiceRack 8 is a 19” rack-mount pow..
AED 2,579.00
Ex Tax: AED 2,579.00
SMPRO - MPatch 2.1: Passive Monitor Controller with Subwoofer Connection
The mighty M-Patch 2 takes a giant leap forward with the new 2.1 model specially designed for mon..
AED 1,039.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,039.00
16310 Headphone wall holder - black
This attractive headphone holder keeps the headphones tidy and close to hand. The soft rubber sup..
AED 80.00
Ex Tax: AED 80.00
Folding, short-legged design with die-cast base. Noiseless height-adjustment. ..
AED 260.00
Ex Tax: AED 260.00
210/9 MICROPHONE STAND - nickel
A more compact version of the classic 210/2. The combination of the long-legged 201A/2 mic stand ..
AED 360.00
Ex Tax: AED 360.00
21070 MICROPHONE STAND - black Gen. Accessories
Low-priced all-metal-stand. Consists of tubing assembly, boom arm and zinc die-cast base with lon..
AED 199.00
Ex Tax: AED 199.00
The telescopic microphone stand with a 3/8" threaded connector is extremely versatile. Its height..
AED 170.00
Ex Tax: AED 170.00
Sound-absorbing cast-iron base with nickel-plated or black powder-coated screw-in rod, 3/8" threa..
AED 140.00
Ex Tax: AED 140.00
23325 Table- /Floor mic stand - black
Short stand with small cast iron base. Well suited for microphoning amps, percussion, etc. The ci..
AED 200.00
Ex Tax: AED 200.00
23550 MICROPHONE BAR - black
Connects to top of mic stands for holding 2 microphones or boom arms. 3/8" locking screws, adjust..
AED 70.00
Ex Tax: AED 70.00
Heavy cast-iron round base, with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration, plastic clutc..
AED 340.00
Ex Tax: AED 340.00
441/1 Product Support Arm - black
Suitable for heavy products. Telescoping from 261 to 461 mm, 23° tilt angle. Black powder-coated ..
AED 110.00
Ex Tax: AED 110.00
Bash Sound 12 24"x24"x2" Acoustic Panels Gen. Accessories
Have a small room and want to see how much absorption can be done with just 12 panels? Give this ..
AED 943.95
Ex Tax: AED 943.95
CC309 1/4 TO 3.5 ADAPTOR
AED 10.00
Ex Tax: AED 10.00
iPad stand - black  19772
The combination of stand and iPad holder is great to use on stage, at home or in the studio. The ..
AED 330.00
Ex Tax: AED 330.00
For German and English tubas. Supporting arms fully adjustable in height and width. Arms are cove..
AED 480.00
Ex Tax: AED 480.00
K&M 197123 iPad2 Stand
A clever way to show off your iPad 2. The new mount is guaranteed to hold the iPad 2 effectively ..
AED 170.00
Ex Tax: AED 170.00
K&M 197133 iPad Mini Stand Holder
Strong performance! The best way to put his iPad mini in scene. The holds an iPad mini ..
AED 150.00
Ex Tax: AED 150.00
Mipro MS-70 Speaker stand  Gen. Accessories
Lightweight tripod loudspeaker stand for Mipro MA-705, MA-707, MA-708 & MA-808 portable PA so..
AED 237.00
Ex Tax: AED 237.00
Mipro SC-50 Storage Cover Bag Gen. Accessories
Protective carry & storage bag for MA-705. Has pouches for transmitters and other accessories..
AED 198.00
Ex Tax: AED 198.00
Mipro-MP-101ACT Drop-in Microphone Charger
Holds & Charges MT-101ACT Multi-Function Wireless Microphone ..
AED 112.00
Ex Tax: AED 112.00
NEOTECH Soft Sax® Strap 1902162 Gen. Accessories
Fits most saxophones, clarinets, English horns, bassoons and oboes Easy to attach with ..
AED 90.00
Ex Tax: AED 90.00
Proel CT07BLKMW Keyboard Case Gen. Accessories
PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD CASE - made by 5-Ply, phenolic-bond marine plywood, 9 mm thi..
AED 1,269.00
Ex Tax: AED 1,269.00
PROEL FOABSR6US 19' Shallow rack case - 6U Gen. Accessories
19' Shallow rack case - 6U - made of 'FORCE Polyethylene'. Inner rackable depth: 208 mm Brand..
AED 722.00
Ex Tax: AED 722.00
Rode SC4 3.5mm TRS to TRRS adaptor Gen. Accessories
The SC4 is a high-quality shielded adaptor, designed to allow microphones w..
AED 51.45
Ex Tax: AED 51.45
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