Bash Sound 12 24"x24"x2" Acoustic Panels

Bash Sound 12 24"x24"x2" Acoustic Panels
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Have a small room and want to see how much absorption can be done with just 12 panels? Give this kit a go!


Package Includes:

(12) 24"x24"x2" Panels


Do your neighbours ever complain about too much noise coming from your place? Is your office space too noisy? Can everyone hear everything that's happening in the board or meeting room?


Whether you are listening to your favourite record at home, gaming in your bedroom, or watching a movie in your Home Theatre room, the purpose of acoustic treatment is to improve the quality of sound in a room, while reducing it to the "outside world".


Common problems are:

Echoes and excess ambience 

Too much or too little bass 

Poor stereo imaging and localization 

Unclear movie dialog and muddy sound


Low frequencies are often the biggest problem; masking the rest of the audible frequencies causing you to raise the volume to hear better.


For recording engineers, mixes that seem fine in your studio end up sounding boomy or thin when played elsewhere. If you can’t hear bass instruments clearly its impossible to create mixes that sound good everywhere.


For audiophiles and home theatre owners, bass instruments sound boomy and ill-defined, movie dialog is difficult to understand at low volumes, and the excess ambience turns music into an incoherent mess.

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