ZILDJIAN-PZ4PK Planet Z Performance Set

ZILDJIAN-PZ4PK Planet Z Performance Set

Revolutionary new manufacturing techniques developed by the Zildjian Sound Lab release a fast, bright, high-volume sound from the power-packed ZBT alloy.


Brand: Zildjian
Product Code: PZ4PK
Reward Points: 725
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Price: AED 1,450.00
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Zildjian ZBTC4PZBT Pro Performance Set Includes:
ZBT 14in Hi-Hats
ZBT 16in Crash
ZBT 20in Ride
Zildjian ZBT Pro Performance Pack Characteristics:
Bright: Intense, high-pitched sound cuts through the mix of other instruments.
Loud: Sheet origin and lathing techniques create high-volume projection.
Fast: Speaks quickly and brightly when struck then decays rapidly.
Consistent: Pressed and lathed from sheets of uniform, high-quality bronze alloy.
Great Value: Manufacturing innovation delivers Zildjian quality at affordable prices.
Brilliant: Sold exclusively in the highly polished, brilliant finish.

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