Music for Little Mozarts: Music Lesson Book 2

Music for Little Mozarts: Music Lesson Book 2

Lesson Book 2 starts as pre-reading, then moves to reading on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Dotted quarter note and 4/4 time, 4/4 time, Mezzo-forte, Staff and note reading, Steps and skips, Grand staff. New notes taught are F and G in the LH and RH, completing the Middle C position.

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A Bunny's Wish  
A Cat  
A Grand Plan  
Circle Time  
Clara C.  
Clara's Etudes  
Do Not Sneeze!  
For Clara (Schumann-)Cat  
Happy Hoedown  
I Won't Sneeze!  
Ice Cream  
Just for You  
Left Hand Song  
Masterpiece for the Left Hand  
Minuet for J. S. Bunny  
Music Lesson Day  
Music Stars!  
Musical Cat  
Our Music Friend  
Play 3/4 Time  
Proud of You  
Ready to Play  
Right Hand Song  
Skipping Fun  
Stepping Down  
Stepping Fun  
Take a Step  
The F Song  
The F Song, Again!  
The G Song  
The G Song, Again!  
The Merry-Go-Round  
Two New Keys  
Waltzing on F  
We Know G!  
Your Friend


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