Music for Little Mozarts: Music Lesson Book 3

Music for Little Mozarts: Music Lesson Book 3

The music in Lesson Book 3 is completely written on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Staccato, legato, slurs; Melodic and harmonic 2nds and 3rds; Melodic and harmonic 4ths and 5ths; f-p.; Bass clef C D E are taught for the LH. Students then know all notes necessary to play in the C position. Playing both hands together is taught near the end of the book.

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A Happy Dance  
A Mouse's Turn  
J. S. Bunny's Fifth  
Music Box Dance  
A Special Dance  
All of You  
Animals at School  
Bedtime Snacks  
Beethoven Bear Remembers  
Beethoven Bear's Amazing Trick  
Bouncing on the Bus  
Clara Remembers  
Elgar's Fourth  
Finger 3 on E  
Finger Walk  
Great Big Day  
Hands Together  
Hands Together, Again  
Haydn's Symphony  
Honey Pot  
In a Mess  
Music Class  
Nannerl's Lesson  
Nannerl's Waltz  
Our Grand Finale  
Performance Rules  
Play Together  
Please Teach Us  
School Rules  
Steps and Seconds  
Steps and Skips  
Talent Show!  
The Bowing Song  
The Hungry Tummy  
The Playroom Surprise  
The Professor's Rest  
Three "D"-Lightful Friends  
You and Me  


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