JM-4 Looper ( LINE6)

JM-4 Looper  ( LINE6)

Combining exhilarating jam tracks with sound-on-sound looping and a full arsenal of legendary Line 6 tones, JM4™ Looper sparks inspiration in ways other looping pedals can only dream.
JM4 Looper features over 100 Endless Jam™ tracks and drum grooves in more than 10 styles performed by top LA and Nashville session players. These tracks aren’t rigid and robotic; these are actual recordings laid down by A-list drummers, bass players and guitarists. The real-world chemistry from these dynamic rhythm sections is here for you to explore your creativity in writing songs, trying out solo ideas or just honing your chops between gigs. With up to 24 minutes of recording time, and storage for up to 100 recorded jams, JM4 Looper lets you capture all your riffs and musical ideas. A 2-GB SD card in the SD card slot provides additional jam storage and .WAV file transfer to your computer or recording software. Plus, use the SD card to import your own songs into JM4 Looper and transpose, time-stretch or loop over any music you want. 

Brand: Line 6
Product Code: JM-4 Looper
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Price: AED 1,680.00
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• 200+ artist-created presets

• 150+ song-based presets

• 36 user-programmable presets

• 12 Line 6 amp models from Clean to Insane

• 7 Smart Control FX

  1. Chorus/Flanger
  2. Phaser
  3. Tremolo
  4. Delay (with Tap Tempo)
  5. Tape Echo (with Tap Tempo)
  6. Sweep Echo (with Tap Tempo)
  7. Reverb

• 3 tone controls

  1. Bass
  2. Mid
  3. Treble

• Integrated tuner


• Independent Mic/Aux input effects: 3-band EQ, Compressor, Delay and Reverb




• 100+ Endless Jam™ tracks and drum grooves

• Save up to 100 CD-quality recorded jams (totaling 24 minutes of recording time) internally

• SD card slot for importing and exporting loops and recordings. (Supports up to 2-GB SD card for storage of up to 6.5 hours of recorded jams. SD card sold separately)

• Dedicated footswitches for Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed and Undo


• 1/4" instrument input

• 1/4" aux input

• XLR mic input with dedicated trim knob

• 1/8" CD/MP3 input

• 1/8" stereo headphone output

• 1/4" mono guitar output

• 1/4" stereo outputs



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