LINE6-PODXT  Guitar Multi Effects Processor  

LINE6-PODXT   Guitar Multi Effects Processor  
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  • 36 Amp Models, 24 Cab & 4 Mic models with 50 Stompbox and Studio Effects
  • 128 Channel Memories w/ Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Deep Editing with Line 6 Edit Software
  • USB Digital I/O
  • +4dBu / -10dBV 1/4 Inch Outputs, 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters, MIDI In, Out/Thru
  • USB Digital I/O, +4dBu / -10dBV 1/4 Inch Outputs, 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters, MIDI In, Out/Thru
Brand: Line 6
Product Code: PODXT LINE 6
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The incredible sonic flexibility and quality of the original POD® is now super-charged. Get PODXT and you'll have Line 6's newest generation amp and cab models as found in our flagship Vetta amplifier. Combine that with over 60 classic stompbox and effect models, including hand-picked selections from our award-winning stompbox modeler series. Route the effects stompbox-style before the amp, or run 'em after. You want to put your fuzz through a tape delay and run it all in front of a small tweed amp? How about a lumpy vibe in to a high-powered "treadplate" head with a 1x8 speaker cab miked off-axis and dressed up with stereo delays? You're only scratching the surface.

But wait — there's more! PODXT has our newest-generation A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling which allows you to choose from 4 different classic mic models and even adjust how much of the room sound you hear! There's even a dedicated studio-quality compressor. Add a bit of verb (spring, plate, hall or room) and now you're ready to track.

PODXT even has a USB digital in/out for direct digital computer recording. And its flash-based memory means easy upgrades to keep your PODXT on the cutting edge.

With 128 user/factory presets, many based on some of the most popular guitar songs ever recorded, you'll have instant access to an unbelievable collection of classic guitar rigs. Imagine the sonic possibilities of having all the coolest amps, cabs, mics, stompboxes, and studio reverbs all tweaked, wired-up, and ready to go.

Based on the most prized amplifiers in the history of guitar, PODXT Live features 42 classic and modern amp models and 24 cab models, all run through 4 incredibly precise and dynamic microphone model options to provide a complete tonal palette for any type of live gig or studio session. This amazing collection of Line 6® Amp Models has been used on countless hit recordings and tours and is now on the floor at your disposal.

Amplifier Models
Inspiration never comes easy. When you're creating your music, the last thing you want to do is fight with your gear for the right tone. With POD® XT, finding that elusive tone is easy.

PODXT is the next generation in the Line 6® POD® family and sets a new standard for guitar tone. We've amassed a dream collection of the most popular amplifiers and meticulously measured and analyzed every tonal aspect to bring you their amazing sonic signatures. PODXT features 42 groundbreaking amp models built from the award-winning technology found in our flagship Vetta™ amplifier.

Cabinet and Microphone Models
PODXT features 24 models of the most historic speaker cabinets ever built. From modern to vintage, you'll have the ultimate collection. And it doesn’t stop there. PODXT has our newest-generation A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling which allows you to choose from 4 different classic mic models and even adjust the position of the mic and how much of the room you hear. PODXT's ability to mix and match speakers cabinets and mics will help you find the vibe that you're looking for.

Amp Models based on*:
  • Line 6® Clean
  • Line 6® JTS-45
  • Line 6® Class A
  • Line 6® Mood
  • Line 6® Spinal Puppet
  • Line 6® Chemical X
  • Line 6® Insane
  • Line 6® Piezacoustic 2
  • Line 6® Agro
  • Line 6® Lunatic
  • Line 6® Treadplate
  • Line 6® Variax® Acoustic
  • Budda 2001 Twinmaster
  • Fender® 1953 Deluxe Reverb®
  • Fender® 1958 Bassman®
  • Fender® 1961 Champ®
  • Fender® 1964 Deluxe Reverb®
  • Fender® 1965 Twin Reverb®
  • Gretsch® 1960 6156
  • Hiwatt® 1973 Custom 100
  • Marshall® 1966 JTM-45
  • Marshall® 1968 Super Lead
  • Marshall® 1968 Jump Channel
  • Marshall® 1968 Variac Plexi
  • Marshall® 1987 JCM 800
  • Marshall® 1996 JMP-1
  • Matchless 1996 Chieftain
  • Matchless 1993 DC-30
  • Mesa/Boogie® 2001 Dual Rectifier®
  • Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+
  • Roland® Jazz Chorus 120
  • Soldano 1993 SLO-100
  • Supro 1960's S6616
  • Vox® 1961 AC-15
  • Vox® 1967 AC-30TB
  • Tube Preamp
  • Marshall® 1974X (18W Reissue)
  • Marshall® JCM 2000 w/ Germ Pedal
  • Orange AD30TC
  • Vox® Fawn Non-Top Boost AC30
  • Dumble® Clean (from POD® 2.0)
  • Soldano SP88 (from POD® 2.0)
Cabinet Models based on*:
  • 6x9 Supro S6616
  • 1x8 1961 Fender® Tweed Champ®
  • 1x10 Gibson®
  • 1x10 Gretsch® 6156
  • 1x12 Line 6®
  • 1x12 1953 Fender® Tweed Deluxe Reverb®
  • 1x12 1964 Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb®
  • 1x12 1960 Vox® AC-15
  • 1X15 1962 Supro Thunderbolt
  • 2x2 Fender® Mini Twin Reverb®
  • 2x12 Line 6®
  • 2x12 1965 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®
  • 2x12 1995 Matchless Chieftain
  • 2x12 Roland® JC-120
  • 2x12 1967 Vox® AC-30
  • 2X12 1967 Silvertone® Twin Twelve
  • 4x10 Line 6®
  • 4x10 1959 Fender® Bassman®
  • 4x12 Line 6®
  • 4x12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks
  • 4x12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks
  • 4x12 1978 Marshall® with stock 70s
  • 4x12 1996 Marshall® with Vintage 30s
  • 4x12 Mesa/Boogie®
Mic Models based on*:
  • Shure® SM-57 On Axis
  • Shure® SM-57 Off Axis
  • Sennheiser® MD-421
  • Neumann® U-67


Stompbox and Studio Effects
POD® XT packs 50 stunningly-crafted models of classic stompbox and studio effects. Many of these effects are based on* highly sought after classics like the Octavia, Big Muff Pi®, Uni-Vibe, and CE-1 Chorus Ensemble.

And with flexible routing, you can mix and match up to 6 of these effects simultaneously. Now you've got an arsenal of tools to that will blow away even the most jaded guitarists and producers.

Effect Models based on*:
  • LA-2A® Compressor
  • Noise Gate
  • Fuzz Face
  • Big Muff Pi®
  • Tubescreamer®
  • ProCo Rat
  • Octavia
  • CS-1 Comp/Sustainer
  • Dynacomp
  • Vetta™ Comp
  • Auto Swell
  • Mutron III
  • Line 6® Sine Chorus
  • CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
  • Line 6® Flanger
  • A/DA Flanger
  • MXR® Phase 90
  • Uni-Vibe
  • Opto Tremolo model from the 1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®
  • Bias Tremolo model from 1960 Vox® AC-15
  • Leslie® 145
  • Vibratone
  • Auto-pan
  • Boss® DM-2
  • Deluxe Memory Man
  • EP-1 Tube Echoplex
  • Roland® RE-101 Space Echo
  • Sweep Echo
  • Line 6® Digital Delay
  • Line 6® Stereo Delay
  • Ping Pong Delay
  • Reverse Delay
  • Fender® Deluxe Spring Reverb
  • Fender® Twin Spring Reverb
  • King Spring Reverb
  • Small Room Reverb
  • Tiled Room Reverb
  • Brite Room Reverb
  • Dark Hall Reverb
  • Medium Hall Reverb
  • Large Hall Reverb
  • Rich Chamber Reverb
  • Chamber Reverb
  • Cavernous Reverb
  • Slap Plate Reverb
  • Vintage Plate Reverb
  • Large Plate Reverb
  • Vetta Wah
  • Vox® V847 Wah
  • Custom Vox® V847  Wah
  • Colorsound Wah-Fuzz
  • Maestro® Boomerang  Wah
  • Jen Electronics Cry Baby Super Wah
  • RMC Real McCoy 1 Wah
  • Arbiter® Cry Baby Wah
  • Sub Octaves Synth Effect
  • Digitech Whammy Pitch  Effect
  • Maestro® Bass Brassmaster
  • Sans Amp Tube  Driver
  • Volume (Pre- or Post-Amp Routing options)
  • Post-EQ


Chromatic Tuner
While not as glamorous as all those nifty effects, every guitar player who’s come within two feet of a tremolo can’t live without a tuner. PODXT’s built-in Chromatic Tuner offers precision tuning at the touch of a button. Audio Mute or Bypass options with an adjustable tuning reference are featured as well as hands-free operation when used with the FBV series foot controllers.

  • Precision Chromatic Tuning
  • Audio Mute
  • Bypass
  • Hands-free Operation (with optional FBV-series foot controllers Check them out here!)

Ins and Outs POD® XT is equipped to handle today’s guitar recording needs. Our 24-bit converters and 32-bit floating point processing create a killer tone, delivered through +4dBu balanced or -10dBV unbalanced 1/4 inch connectors. Or go digital with PODXT’s USB digital audio in and out for the most incredible tone available. MIDI lets you automate every move and our optional FBV generation foot controllers let you do it all with your feet. PODXT also comes with a high-power headphone output for silent jamming.

Creating Your Perfect Tone

While the presets, many of which are song based, are a great place to start looking for a great tone, sometimes you just want to roll your own. Critical tone controls are available as knobs on the main panel, but POD® XT also offers an intuitive, incredibly easy to use screen display for deep patch editing, where any tone shaping parameter is easily accessed and changed to generate your own sonic character.

Above the PODXT's display you'll find 5 effect on/off buttons where you can instantaneously defeat or enable stompboxes or rack-type effects. Double pressing each button allows you to edit the effects settings. Single pressing seamlessly switches the effect on or off.

Comp (Gate)
This button accesses our model of a highly sought-after LA-2A® COMPRESSOR, as well as a lightning-fast NOISE GATE. You'll find a fully-adjustable threshold for each, as well as a completely variable decay time for the gate.

Stomp This is where PODXT's STOMPBOXES and vintage distortion models live. There are 10 classic stompboxes ranging from light overdrives, heavy distortions, and psychedelic 60's fuzzes. Whichever one you choose, you'll have complete control over the Drive, Gain and Tone knobs.

PODXT comes with all the classic flavors of MODULATION like Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary and Vibe. Chorus like Andy, flange like Eddie, vibe like Jimi... it's all there.

PODXT has faithful models of vintage tape echoes to modern marvels like tap-tempo stereo ping-pongs. You can adjust the delay time in milliseconds or by any note value you choose. Just like the original POD™, you can easily TAP in a song's tempo, and now you also have tap tempo control over modulation speeds. Imagine changing the speed of your tremolo along with your delay time right from the front panel - or via your foot using the optional FBV Shortboard.

To top it off you can mix and match speaker cabinets, microphones (and even mic placement!) in the CABINET section. PODXT's next generation speaker cabinet models include all the historic speaker types you've come to know and love. You'll swear you're hearing the paint rattle off the studio walls thanks to Line 6's all new A.I.R. II technology.

PODXT gives you a full-time reverb knob just like your old standby. But in addition to the authentic spring tanks, you now have everything from vintage Plate reverbs to cavernous Halls.

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