Presonus StudioLive  RM16 AI

Presonus StudioLive  RM16 AI

Rack-mount convenience, AI power, and total recall.

Based on the StudioLive™ AI-series mix engine and controlled with battle-ready UC Surface software for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®, the StudioLive RM32AI and RM16AI 32-channel, 25-bus rack-mount Active Integration™ digital mixers are scalable, compact, and 100 percent recallable.

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We offer two StudioLive RM models. The RM32AI has 32 mic inputs and 16 Mix outputs and mounts in four rack spaces; the RM16AI has 16 mic inputs and 8 Mix outputs and mounts in three rack spaces. Otherwise, the two mixers are identical in every respect. Since these are rack-mount mixers, they do not have a hardware mixing surface; all controls are provided in UC Surface software for Mac, Windows, and iPad.

Unlike the XMAX™ preamps in the StudioLive AI series, the XMAX preamps in the StudioLive RM series are recallable, and their settings can be saved with a mixer scene. However, the StudioLive RM-series preamps are true Class A, solid-state, analog XMAX, and they are sonically identical to the preamps in the StudioLive AI series, which are adjusted with an analog trim pot.

Like StudioLive AI-series mixers, StudioLive RM-series mixers are Active Integration™ products, with the same CPU, wireless and wired networking with Wi-Fi LAN adapter, FireWire 800 connectivity and recording, and other standard Active Integration features. They accept the same networking option cards as the StudioLive AI-series mixers.

StudioLive AI-series mixers, of course, have a complete, analog-like mixing surface with real faders, knobs, and buttons and a full set of LED meters. Almost all controls are also found in VSL-AI software for Mac and Windows and SL Remote for iPad.








Mixing Surface Software Software Hardware and software Hardware and software Hardware and software
Mixer Channels 32 32 32 24 16
Mic Inputs 32 16 32 24 16
Preamp Type Recallable XMAX™ Class A Recallable XMAX™ Class A XMAX™ Class A XMAX™ Class A XMAX™ Class A
Line Inputs - - 32 (TRS) 24 (TRS) 16 (TRS)
Analog Inserts - - 32 24 16
Stereo Aux Inputs - - 2 2 2
Tape Input Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tape Output - - Yes Yes Yes
Talkback Input - - Yes Yes Yes
Total Mix Buses 25 25 24 20 16
Main L/R Bus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Main Mono Bus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
LCR Mode Yes Yes - - -
Aux Mixes 16 16 14 10 6
Analog Aux Outputs 16 (XLR) 8 (XLR) 14 (TRS) 10 (TRS) 6 (TRS)
Direct Outputs - - Yes Yes Yes
Control Room Outputs - - Yes Yes Yes
Subgroups Subgroup Assign mode for Aux mixes coming in Q1 2015 Subgroup Assign mode for Aux mixes coming in Q1 2015 4

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