SMPRO - OC8E 8 Channel Optical Compressor

SMPRO - OC8E 8 Channel Optical Compressor


The OC8E is a 2U standard 19" rack-mount multi-channel optical compressor. Built on the success of the original OC8, the OC8E adds 8 VU meters and more detailed compression controls to an already superb optical compressor.

Tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, the OC8E is perfectly suited for use as a multi-channel compressor for a wide variety of audio applications. Optical compressors are sought after for the distinctive musicality they give to vocals, guitars and other instruments. The OC8E 's adjustable compression ratio, attack, release and output controls allow you to generate a distinctive soft, rich character while providing magnificent control over dynamics.

Fantastic for use as inserts on your multi-channel recording tracks the OC8E is a great addition to any home or pro studio looking to take advantage of the benefits that optical compression can provide.

Brand: SMPRO
Product Code: SMPRO - OC8E
Reward Points: 925
Availability: In Stock
Price: AED 1,849.00
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  • 8 x fast electro-optical compressor
  • Bypass/on switch
  • 8 x individual compression ratio controls
  • Tri-state LED indicator
  • 8 x individual attack & release controls
  • 110v-220v Internal power supply
  • 8 x individual output level controls
  • Size: 2U Rack
  • 8 x individual output VU level indicators
  • Low noise, wide bandwidth and superior transient response
  • Class A transformerless high voltage signal path
  • ADAT Option PR8IIA
  • Low noise, wide bandwidth and superior transient response
  • Housing: Metal


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