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AKAI Professional EWI Solo

AKAI Professional EWI Solo

AKAI Professional EWI Solo

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  • Model: EWI Solo

The EWI Solo from Akai Professional is an electronic wind instrument with a focus on mobility. The built-in Li-Io battery with up to twelve hours of playtime and the 3" speaker, which was tuned for the most natural sound reproduction possible, contribute significantly to this. Thanks to 200 sounds ranging from classic wind instruments to synthesizer sounds, the instrument covers a wide range of applications. The internal sounds can also be customized to personal taste with reverb, delay and chorus effects. Those who are already familiar with woodwind and brass instruments do not have to learn new fingerings, as the fingering of the Akai Professional EWI Solo is similar to a flute, oboe or even saxophone. The instrument also makes a good impression as a MIDI controller: simply connect it to a computer via USB cable and assign it to a plug-in in the DAW. The USB port is also used to charge the battery. If you want to play with accompaniment or perform to a song, you can connect an MP3 player to the aux input, for example. On the output side, there is a large jack socket next to the headphone output.


  • Electronic wind instrument
  • 3" speaker with natural sound reproduction
  • Built-in Li-Io battery with up to 12 hours playing time
  • 200 sounds
  • Synthesis parameters
  • Reverb, delay & chorus effects
  • Familiar playing style through common fingerings
  • Lower Pitch Plate
  • Finger Hook
  • OLED display
  • USB port for USB-MIDI connection and battery charging
  • Aux input

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