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Alpine Kids Muffy Protection Headphones Pink Color (111.82.351)

Alpine Kids Muffy Protection Headphones Pink Color (111.82.351)

Alpine Kids Muffy Protection Headphones Pink Color (111.82.351)

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Every day young children are exposed to loud noises. Children’s hearing organs are very sensitive and have less tolerance to sound than adults. Alpine Muffy Kids are small earmuffs and have been especially designed for children from 5 to 12 years old. The earmuffs can be worn in noisy surroundings, for example at parties, parades, firework shows, concerts and car and motor races. Alpine Muffy Kids earmuffs reduce ambient noise up to 25 dB. Loud noises, for example noises from outside or ambient noise in a classroom, can lead to a sensory overload. The Muffy Kids earmuffs help children to focus on their reading and study tasks, without disturbing ambient noises.

The Alpine Muffy Kids earmuffs are available in five new trendy colours. The outer layer of the coloured earmuffs is made of plastic material and is easy to clean. The earmuffs are foldable and easy to take along.

The headband is adjustable and has a soft lining, which feels very comfortable for children. Because the headband is adjustable children won’t grow out of the Alpine Muffy Kids.
The Muffy Kids earmuffs are supplied with a case for easy transport, protection and to keep the earmuffs clean, so they last a long time.


  • Type - Hearing Protection
  • Color - Pink
  • Suitable Ages - 5 Years to 12 Years
  • Ambient Noise Reduction - Up to 25dB

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