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D'Addario DCRKGR01 Natural Cork Grease

D'Addario DCRKGR01 Natural Cork Grease

D'Addario DCRKGR01 Natural Cork Grease

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  • Model: DCRKGR01

Well-greased corks make life easier for woodwind players. Not only does cork grease make it easier to assemble your instrument, but it also keeps the cork from drying out and cracking, saving you unnecessary trips to the repair shop. It also helps provide a better seal for optimal airflow through your horn. This cork grease from D’Addario comes in made from all-natural organic ingredients, including sunflower oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and slippery elm extract. Recommends the D’Addario cork grease for saxophone necks, oboe reeds, clarinet mouthpieces, and tenon corks on clarinets, oboes, and bassoons


  • Keeps your instrument corks well lubricated
  • Makes assembling your instrument much easier
  • Prevents corks from drying, saving you trips to the repair shop
  • Provides a better seal for optimized airflow
  • For use with saxophone necks, tenon corks, and oboe reeds
  • Made from all-natural organic ingredients


  • Type: Cork Grease
  • Single Tube: Yes

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