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AKG CS3 BU Conference Base Unit

AKG CS3 BU Conference Base Unit
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AKG CS3 BU Conference Base Unit

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The AKG CS3 BU Conference Base Unit is the base unit for the CS3 conference system which is designed for fixed and mobile conference applications, and provides all the necessary inputs and outputs to manage a conference for up to 60 microphone stations. It is the interface to all audio devices in a meeting room and offers a RS-232 interface to connect an optional camera control system (sold separately).The CS3 BU Base Unit can even work in a stand-alone mode in 4 selectable operating modes, namely, Override, Normal, Free, and Request, thereby offering maximum flexibility in conference management. With the NOM limitation function, the maximum number of active stations can be programmed to 1, 2, 4, or 6 simultaneous open microphones. Adjustable bass, treble, and master volume are also featured. If necessary, two CS3 BU units can be combined to control a large conference system with up to 120 microphone stations.


  • For discussion systems of up to 60 stations per base unit
  • For flexible conference management
  • Can be connected to a PA, recording device, external audio and camera control systems
  • Combines 2 units to control up to 120 stations
  • For easy rack mounting
  • Capable of supporting 60 microphone units
  • Specific 8-pin DIN plug
  • Bus connection mode
  • 2-Channel mono audio inputs
  • 2-Channel mono original audio outputs
  • Adjustable maximum number of active microphones with 1,2,4, and 6 options
  • Four conference modes: Override, Normal, Free, and Request
  • Adjustable bass, treble, and master volume
  • Video tracing function through the central control output
  • Remote telephone conference along with telephone coupler

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