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10 Aug The Decline of orchestra
wellington 0 4682
One evening I was working late at my office when I heard these neural soothing sounds of music that was emanating from the first floor of our office. I hurriedly walked out to go and see where the sounds were coming from. Our institution happens to h..
18 Jul Classical Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar
0 1794
This is one situation where your brain probably is having a war with him/her self trying to figure out which would be easier to learn or which sounds better or which is more value for money.  All these questions keep on running over and over again th..
30 Jun Why Buying Music Instruments Online is Better?
0 1484
Music gives pleasure to our mind, uplifts our soul, fosters in us a feeling of love, and makes us happy. There is no age to enjoy, learn or play music. From toddlers to old people, music connects us with different cultures and strengthens our social ..
20 Jun M4Music`s guide for taking care of your instruments
0 2564
Playing a musical instrument is a pleasure, it balances your emotions and gives you real happiness. If you are a casual player or a professional, a musical instrument is a valuable expression to cherish. Though most of these instruments are made up o..
31 May How to learn a music instrument in your 30s
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Setting realistic and achievable goals is one of the best methods for progressing with a musical instrument. It has been proven time and time again; that small steps add up to huge leaps over time. Now that we have cleared the third month of the year..
16 Apr How to get a good guitar tone?
0 653
I started learning how to play the guitar when I was thirteen years of Age. I remember this Teacher called Mrs. Kuria, who happens to be my class Teacher during those days. She was such a mentor that she wanted the best out of me. This teacher made a..
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