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20 Jun M4Music`s guide for taking care of your instruments
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Playing a musical instrument is a pleasure, it balances your emotions and gives you real happiness. If you are a casual player or a professional, a musical instrument is a valuable expression to cherish. Though most of these instruments are made up o..
31 May How to learn a music instrument in your 30s
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Setting realistic and achievable goals is one of the best methods for progressing with a musical instrument. It has been proven time and time again; that small steps add up to huge leaps over time. Now that we have cleared the third month of the year..
16 Apr How to get a good guitar tone?
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I started learning how to play the guitar when I was thirteen years of Age. I remember this Teacher called Mrs. Kuria, who happens to be my class Teacher during those days. She was such a mentor that she wanted the best out of me. This teacher made a..
01 Mar Fender: A cultural symbol that resonates globally!
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Ones who are fond of music and instruments, always seek good music and perfect instruments, we at understand this and have been providing quality instruments to creators for more than a decade now. Fender for Guitar Lovers is a name estab..
20 Jan Your First Home Recording Studio Setup
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After completing my final year in high school, I produced my first music album. The art of music production has changed over the years with the advent of digital audio workstations (DAWs). These digital audio workstations have made song production mo..
23 Dec Gift Ideas For a Musician Or a Music Lover
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The year 2020 has taught me one lesson, especially, when it comes to gifting during festive seasons. I realized how musicians see and appreciate things in a way that other people wouldn’t see. Musicians have proved how they can keep on gifting during..
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