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Anas Handpan Silver Finish

Anas Handpan Silver Finish
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Anas Handpan Silver Finish

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Mysterious, meditative, and compelling, this is one of our most popular scale requests. D minor variations are also by far the most popular Handpan Scales in general. The first 8 note variation can also be described as a hexatonic “Celtic Minor” because it leaves out the suspenseful minor 6th. The second 8 note variation is pentatonic and commonly referred to historically in the East as “Yu Shan Diao”. This scale is the same as one of the instruments played in Dante Bucci’s “Fanfare”. The third 8 note variation is the classic “Integral” layout greatly popularized by Panart with the second generation Hang. It is the scale commonly played in the most popular Hang Massive videos among many others. The inclusion and focus on the Bb3 greatly increases the suspense in this variation relative to the other two variations that we offer. All of these scales play well with F major and G dorian.

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