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Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer

Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer
Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer
Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer
Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer
Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer
Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer

Arturia PolyBrute 12 Polyphonic 12-voice Morphing Analog Synthesizer

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  • Model: POLYBRUTE12

Arturia’s original PolyBrute made waves for its voltaic combination of iconic analog character, versatile armature of sound design tools, and versatile expression capabilities. The PolyBrute 12 takes up the mantle of fusing hallmark analog sound with multidimensional articulation, expanding upon its predecessor’s foundation with a titanic 12-voice architecture and Arturia’s state-of-the-art Full Touch MPE technology — a staggeringly detailed gateway to unrivaled expressivity, synthesists fascinated with the latent potential of this 61-note synth. Ladder and Steiner-Parker filters are supplemented by trios of LFOs, envelope generators, and digital effects slots that expand upon the aural offering of the original PolyBrute, with detailed sync, FM, noise, PWM options to bolster the dyad of diverse VCOs. An onboard modulation matrix supports up to 64 connections, while the iconic Morphée XYZ pad and onboard ribbon controller let you get hands-on with unrivaled nuance. With its robust arpeggiation and polyphonic-sequencing possibilities, the included PolyBrute companion plug-in, and a pedal-accommodating suite of connectivity options, the PolyBrute 12 is a portal to unprecedented sonic sculpting, empowering you with a synesthetic approach to synthesis that lets you seize your sound like never before.

Next-gen expression: Full Touch MPE and Beyond

Of the myriad ways the PolyBrute 12 expands upon the foundation of its sonic sibling, none may be as versatile and exhilarating as the integration of Full Touch MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) technology. Each of the PolyBrute 12’s 61 keys becomes the site of unrivaled in-the-moment expression as Full Touch tech meticulously tracks the position, touch, and pressure of every note through immense, malleable sensitivity and complex yet intuitively accessible modulation possibilities. Thanks to the keybed’s velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch, alongside the matrix-capable Morphée XYZ pad and ribbon controller, the Full Touch MPE seamlessly merges multiple realms of detailed expressivity for complete three-dimensional control.

Iconic analog texture meets cutting-edge control

Across its dual-oscillator design, multitudes of wave shaping are right at your fingertips, with multiple waveform options, flexible FM modulation, dynamic Sync capabilities, pulse-width modulation, and a sub-oscillator. Moreover, the onboard Filter FM can be triggered via the onboard VCOs, noise generator, or both, morphing between, while numerous noise colors are available along a continuous spectrum of real-time adjustment. Its dual-filter design augments further sound-shaping opportunities with a multimode ’70s-style Steiner-Parker filter, as well as a 24dB/octave Ladder filter. Through careful tweaking, Arturia expanded the Steiner-Parker formula to enable continuous highpass, bandpass, and lowpass modes but retaining the hallmark squelch and strike of the original’s ability to keep amplitude values consistent as resonance is adjusted. Kick up the Brute factor for some extra oomph. Thanks to the details of the 4-pole Ladder filter, hefty basses, searing leads, and lush pads are easily dialed in. Plus, like the PolyBrute before it, each VCO can be assigned to one or both filters, enriching the stackable possibilities of its predecessor via 12 voices of sonic deliverance.


  • 12-voice polyphony utilizes dual analog VCOs and a suite of cutting-edge controls to produce immense, versatile synth sonics
  • Full Touch MPE provides next-gen expression via polyphonic aftertouch and detailed per-note control for unmatched performances
  • Velocity-sensitive 61-note keybed, customizable pitch and mod wheel behaviors, Morphée XYZ pad, and ribbon controller expand expressivity for premium studio and stage deployment
  • Streamlined interface balances detailed control with satisfying tactility to give you pain-free control over every aspect of your sound
  • Over 1,000 preset slots include 480 factory presets to traverse worlds of sound with radio-ready design and ample room for customization, storage, and recall
  • Dual VCO architecture provides detailed wave shaping across PWM, sub-oscillator, FM, sync, and multi-waveform configurations for precisely personalized sound
  • Independent noise generator utilizes a continuous spectrum of noise-color options to support flexible, imaginative hands-on or modulated attenuation
  • 12dB/octave Steiner-Parker filter and 24dB/octave Ladder filter introduce complex dimensions of character, with each oscillator assignable to 1 or both to achieve ultra-stacked sonics
  • 3 looping-capable ADSR envelope generators and 3 LFOs expand modulation capabilities to support diverse approaches to dynamic sound design
  • 64-step polyphonic sequencer lets you add motion to your sounds and create complex phrases that utilize the full array of the 12-voice design
  • Digital FX slots support send, insert, and true bypass modes for malleable use of multimode delays, reverbs, and distortions, each of which includes onboard FX presets
  • 12 x 32 modulation matrix is capable of 64 connections to ensure complex routing is painlessly performed via backlit soft switches
  • Comprehensive connectivity suite comprises 5-pin MIDI in/out/thru, USB-MIDI, Sync I/O, and 3 pedal inputs to guarantee seamless interoperative use with nearly any arrangement
  • Companion software lets you manage, edit, and transfer presets with unrivaled detail, as well as deploy the synth within your DAW


  • Type:Morphing Synthesizer, Silver with Faux Wood Accents
  • Analog/Digital:Analog
  • Number of Keys:61
  • Type of Keys: Full Touch MPE Keyboard
  • Velocity Sensitive:Yes
  • Other Controllers:Ribbon Controller, Morphée XYZ Controller
  • Polyphony:12-voice
  • Number of Presets:768 x Preset Slots, 480 x Factory Presets
  • Oscillators:2 x VCOs
  • Waveforms:Sawtooth, Triangle+Metalizer, Square+Pulse Width)
  • LFO:2 x Multi-waveform, 1 x Variable Waveform
  • Envelope Generator:3 x ADSRs with Looping
  • Sequencer:64-step, Polyphonic
  • Audio Outputs:2 x 1/4"
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4" TRS
  • USB:1 x Type B
  • MIDI I/O:In/Out/Thru
  • Pedal Inputs:2 x 1/4" (expression), 1 x 1/4" (sustain)
  • Other I/O:2 x 1/8" (sync in, out)
  • Mod Matrix:12x32: Up to 32 Destinations, 64 Connections
  • Software:PolyBrute Companion Software
  • OS Requirements - Mac:macOS 11 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 10 or later, 64-bit
  • Power Source:Standard IEC AC Input
  • Height:6.1"
  • Width:38.3"
  • Depth:17.1"
  • Weight:50.7 lbs

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