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Behringer Infinium X1 Optical Fader

Behringer Infinium X1 Optical Fader

Behringer Infinium X1 Optical Fader

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Integrate the Behringer X1 Infinium optical fader into your DDM4000 DJ mixer for enhanced transitions and a personalized mixing experience. The X1 Infinium's optical technology delivers that classic analog feel with digital precision, heightened responsiveness, and increased control. The easy installation process, accompanied by comprehensive instructions, ensures seamless integration. Benefit from contact-free technology that allows you to customize the fader-action friction to your preferences, ensuring the Behringer X1 Infinium optical fader remains reliable through countless tracks.

Experience Responsive Control with a Genuine Analog Touch

Recognized as the DJ's paramount tool, the crossfader takes center stage in your performance. Unlike traditional analog faders, which may wear out over time, Behringer's X1 Infinium employs contact-free optical technology, utilizing magnetic energy for enduring performance. This technology also grants you the flexibility to fine-tune the fader response to match your touch. With ultra-high 128-position digital precision, the X1 Infinium offers control surpassing analog capabilities. The light-sensing technology ensures responsive control for seamless transitions, making it a dependable choice to keep your show going and your audience on the dance floor.

Behringer X1 Infinium Optical Fader Features:

  • Designed specifically for Behringer's DDM4000 DJ mixer, complete install instructions and toolkit included
  • Analog feel doesn't mess with your workflow
  • Digital precision provides infinitesimal control over audio

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