One evening I was working late at my office when I heard these neural soothing sounds of music that was emanating from the first floor of our office. I hurriedly walked out to go and see where the sounds were coming from. Our institution happens to have a state-of-the-art recording and rehearsal studio in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Approaching the first floor of the building, the sounds of the orchestra band that was doing their rehearsals in readiness for the upcoming event was evident. The interesting thing was how the team coordinated the band. Acoustic drumsBongos, the pianos, the violins, the cellos, just to name a few. The instruments were like talking to each other in turns

As the music was playing, a question came in my mind, “why is there a decline in orchestra music these days?” You will agree with me that the future of classical music is depended on young people who are willing to learn how to play a musical instrument. As a matter of fact, though this young people love listening to classical music, most of them do not attend concerts at all because of the way things are done these days. Today most parents are wondering what went wrong with their children because their desire to learn an orchestra instrument is no longer there. I remember when I was still in my primary school; learning music was a compulsory subject in most of our institutions of learning. Today the young generation can hardly name a classical composer, leave a lone naming a classical composer, this young people are not able to tell the difference between a violin, a cello and a double bass and so forth. For them these instruments look the same and so they call them all violins.

Today the orchestra bands are on decline and that’s why you will find only a solo Saxophonist, a solo violinist, a solo flute player and the one band shows. More and more young people are pushing their parents to buy for them a guitar or piano. Visit any showroom and ask any sales person to tell you the instruments that sells most. You will be amazed to learn that guitar and piano are the top selling musical instruments and especially in Dubai today. When you take a look at our Televisions screens, you will find that mostly rock stars and the heavier type of music have been given more priority than classical music.  Someone said that orchestra is on decline because the cost of instruments like bassoons, double bass and trombones are high. A closer look at popular online musical instruments stores in Dubai and its environs, shows that you can shop online for a Trumpet for as cheap as AED 2000. You can easily find a violin for as low as AED 450 dirhams. We have even more affordable cheaper flutes from Brands like Yamaha, Conn Selmer and many more other brands. For example in this link you will find even more affordable options as low as AED 555.

While it is true that some orchestras have faced challenges and changes over the years, it is important to note that orchestras still play a significant role in the world of classical music and continue to thrive in many places. Orchestras require substantial funding to operate, including expenses for venue rental, musician salaries, administration, marketing, and more. The technology today has made it possible for anyone to be able to purchase anything even if the amount is beyond their budget. Tabby is one of the examples I will speak of at the moment. In Dubai, Tabby has made it possible for anyone to buy a saxophone, flute, Trumpet and other musical instruments at four equal installments, which can be paid with zero interest. 90% of the calls we receive in our online portal is enquiring about installment plan. Not only that, you can grab a YAMAHA YAS-

280 Saxophones Student Alto saxophone and quickly checkout using Tabby.

While orchestral music has a rich tradition and appeal to many, there is a growing demand for more diverse musical experiences. Orchestras have had to adapt and find innovative ways to engage audiences, including programming contemporary works, collaborating with popular artists, and exploring different concert formats. The proliferation of digital music platforms, streaming services, and online content has provided audiences with greater accessibility and choice, diverting attention and time away from live orchestral performances. This trend needs to be reversed if at all we want to see the orchestras back on its feet. We need to invest more in our school going children by taking them for music classes. Children are the best tools to bring orchestras back to live. A drive around Dubai reveals lots of places offering music lessons that you can enroll like Sing and Swing in IBN Batutta and the Popular music institute in WAFI Mall.

Parents can invest in entry level violins like Stagg 1/4 Solid Maple Violin with Soft Case which has a price tag is affordable to the pocket. Go ahead and do a research online on which instrument you can start with. Trying out a recorder like the Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder can prove to be interesting, especially if a parent can choose to play along their kids. A lot of options are available online and sometimes you can find good deals on showroom pieces or just special offers.

Despite these challenges, many orchestras have been proactive in adapting to the changing landscape. They have embraced digital platforms, expanded educational outreach, diversified their programming, and sought innovative collaborations to engage new audiences. Orchestras remain vital cultural institutions in many communities, and their continued relevance relies on their ability to evolve, connect with audiences, and demonstrate the value of live orchestral performances.

Below is a recommendation of the orchestra musical instruments that you can easily find in Dubai at an affordable price.

Stagg Bb Tenor Saxophone with High F# Key, Includes Soft Case

Stagg WS-AS215S  is an alto saxophone model manufactured by Stagg, a well-known musical instrument brand. The WS-AS215S is part of their wind instrument product line, specifically designed for saxophone players, particularly beginners and intermediate players. The saxophone is typically made from brass, a common material used in saxophone manufacturing, and it is finished with a clear lacquer to protect the instrument and provide a classic appearance. The instrument is equipped with standard pads and metal resonators, which help to improve the sound projection and overall tone quality of the saxophone. As an entry-level instrument, the Stagg WS-AS215S is designed to offer ease of playability for beginners while providing a decent tone suitable for learning and practice.

Stentor 1400A2 violin

The Stentor 1400A2 is a popular violin model manufactured by Stentor Music Co. Ltd., one of the leading violin makers and suppliers. Stentor is well-known for producing high-quality student and intermediate level violins. The Stentor 1400A2 violin is specifically designed for students and beginner players who are looking for an instrument with good playability and tone without breaking the bank. It is a step-up model from their basic student violins and is meant to provide better sound and build quality. The top, back, and sides of the violin are typically made from solid tone woods like spruce for the top and maple for the back and sides. Solid tone woods contribute to the instrument's resonance and sound quality. The violin is hand-carved, which is a mark of craftsmanship and allows for better tonal characteristics compared to mass-produced instruments. Higher-quality fittings, such as the fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest, are often made of ebony, which is a dense and durable wood. It's important to note that the Stentor 1400A2 is designed for students and beginners, so more advanced players or professionals might seek out higher-end models with more intricate craftsmanship and superior sound.

Meinl 12" Conga- FL12NT

The Meinl Floatune Series Congas are known for their outstanding sound and construction quality. They are professional-grade congas designed for serious percussionists and drummers. The "Floatune" system is a unique feature that allows the drum to resonate freely, enhancing its overall tone and projection. The shell is typically made from high-quality rubber wood, which is known for its excellent resonance properties. It usually comes with a hand-selected true skin buffalo drumhead, contributing to its warm and traditional sound. The Floatune tuning system is designed to suspend the drum shell and prevent it from being drilled into directly, resulting in better resonance and sustain.

Bach TB200 Trombone

The Bach TB200 is a trombone model produced by the Conn-Selmer company, which is known for its high-quality brass instruments. The TB200 is a tenor trombone, meaning it is pitched in B and is the most common type of trombone used in various musical settings. TB200 typically has a medium-large bore size, which affects the instrument's resistance and projection. A medium-large bore strikes a balance between easy playability and a powerful sound. The bell is usually made of yellow brass, a common material for brass instruments due to its resonance and durability. The slide is a critical component of any trombone, and Bach trombones are known for their smooth and precise slide action. A well-made slide allows the player to navigate the different positions effortlessly. Like most trombones, the TB200 usually comes with a standard mouthpiece. However, players often explore different mouthpiece options to find one that suits their playing style and preferences.