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Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System

Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
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Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System
Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System

Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System

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  • Model: S1 PRO PLUS

The Bose S1 Pro+ is an ultra-lightweight, all-in-one PA system that packs a lot of power into its 14.4-pound, multi-position enclosure. Whether you tilt, seat, or mount it, the S1 Pro+ delivers rich, even coverage to an entire room, with Auto EQ to eliminate hotspots on the floor. You get two channels with independent EQ, reverb, and ToneMatch technology to ensure flattering reproduction of voices and instruments, along with a dedicated third channel with an aux input and stereo Bluetooth streaming. Optional transmitters provide a complete wireless experience with microphones and instruments alike, and guitarists will appreciate the S1 Pro+'s built-in FX loop. You also get a livestream mode via USB-C. Moreover, the S1 Pro+'s integrated OLED screens make operating this portable PA an absolute walk in the park. The Bose S1 Pro+ includes a convenient carry handle for lightning-fast load-ins and setups, plus a factory-installed Li-ion battery for the utmost portability.

More Powerful than ever

The Bose S1 Pro+ offers many advancements over its predecessor. For starters, it weighs a mere 14.4 pounds you can likely carry it one-handed. It flaunts integrated OLED screens for dead-simple operation plus, the displays rotate depending on the speaker's position. You'll benefit from a full wireless experience with the use of optional transmitters (sold separately), as well as compatibility with the Bose Music App. Stereo Bluetooth streaming is on tap, as is a livestream mode with USB-C. Finally, an FX loop is present on the S1 Pro+'s inputs for use with guitar effects and pedalboards.

Even coverage with zero hotspots

Bose sound reinforcement solutions are known for their wide, even coverage, and the S1 Pro+ is no exception. Sound is dispersed not just through the front of the enclosure but the sides as well, for room-filling sound from a single unit. Reviewers were quick to note the Auto EQ feature at work, which keeps the sound consistent as listeners move about a room.

More than a mere PA

The Bose S1 Pro+ is a solid PA and a capable wedge monitor, practice amp, and playback system. Whether you're on the road, practicing at home, or streaming music for parties, you'll always find a use for the Bose S1 Pro+.

ToneMatch Technology

The S1 Pro+ includes a streamlined version of Bose's ToneMatch technology on channels 1 and 2. Use the microphone setting for rich, lush vocal reproduction at a touch, or the guitar setting for pre-programmed settings for your acoustic. ToneMatch can also be toggled off completely.

Factory-installed Li-ion battery

Your Bose S1 Pro+ includes a factory-installed Li-ion battery. Enjoy hours of powerful sound reproduction on the go, from the subway to the Siberian Arctic. With Bose, no location is too remote to gig.


  • The ultimate portable PA for soloists, small acts, and event speakers
  • Lightweight — just 14.4 lbs.  with a convenient carry handle
  • Can be tilted, seated, or stand mounted (35mm pole mount)
  • Works great as a wedge monitor or playback system, too
  • Integrated OLED screens facilitate dead-simple operation
  • No hotspots — wide dispersion and Auto EQ deliver even coverage
  • ToneMatch technology offers one-touch vocal and acoustic guitar presets
  • 2 channels with independent EQ and reverb
  • Dedicated 3rd channel for aux input or stereo Bluetooth streaming
  • Full wireless experience with the use of optional transmitters (sold separately)
  • Livestream mode with USB-C
  • FX loop for use with guitar effects and pedalboards
  • Factory-installed Li-ion battery gives you hours of portable playback
  • Compatible with the Bose Music App for easy wireless control
Portable PA Systems
Type Powered PA Speaker
Speaker Drivers 1 x 6" LF High Excursion woofer, 3 x 2.25" HF drivers
Number Of Mixer Channels 3
Number Of Mic Preamps 2
EQ 2-band Channel EQ
Effects Reverb
Inputs 2 x XLR (mic), 1 x 1/4" TRS (aux), 1 x 1/8" TRS (aux)
Outputs 1 x XLR (line out)
USB 1 x Type A, 1 x Type C
Bluetooth Yes
Battery Operated Yes
Enclosure material Polypropylene
Height 13.1"
Width 9.4"
Depth 11.1"
Weight 14.4 lbs.

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