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Halilit HL510 Hi-Lo range Tambourine-Yellow

Halilit HL510 Hi-Lo range Tambourine-Yellow

Halilit HL510 Hi-Lo range Tambourine-Yellow

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  • Model: HL510YELLOW

Solid, light and sturdy, with a stunning sound and comfortable grip, the Hi-Lo Tambourine is ideal for gigging percussionists, budding musicians and anyone who just wants a bit of musical fun! The innovative design ensures it’s like no other tambourine on the market, as the hollow handle serves as a resonator box meaning you can adjust the pitch of the tambourine with just your fingers, creating endless high and low jingling effects! It also includes a pair of internal shock absorbers connecting the handle to the rim, providing an improved playing experience with less impact on your wrist. Available in bold blue or vibrant red, this stylish and colourful tambourine will ensure you’re the star of the stage! Hi-Lo’s instruments are specially designed with absolute care, taking into consideration ergonomics, ease of use and comfort but most of all – the perfect sound effects. The innovative modern design and stylish colours combined with the finest raw materials make Hi-Lo percussion the perfect musical instruments.


  • IDEAL FOR PERCUSSIONISTS AT ALL LEVELS Hi Lo instruments are designed to offer top quality sounds from an easy to master instrument, making this collection perfect for both budding musicians and professional percussionists
  • HANDLE FUNCTIONS AS A RESONATOR The hollow handle serves as a resonator box making it easy to adjust and mix up the pitch produced
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT Includes internal shock absorbers to reduce the impact on your wrist and provides an ergonomic grip for fantastic playing experience
  • BUILT TO LAST Solid and sturdy, yet light and versatile
  • STYLISH APPEARANCE Available with a variety of coloured handles and a sleek black shell.HALILIT HERITAGE A professional instrument producing a stunning sound, from the Hi Lo Collection by Halilit

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