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Halilit HL514 Hi-Lo range agogo - Blue

Halilit HL514 Hi-Lo range agogo - Blue

Halilit HL514 Hi-Lo range agogo - Blue

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  • Model: HL514BLUE

Play perfectly balanced sounds with the Hi-Lo Agogo - high and low percussion beats, rhythms and endless sound effects! The ergonomic design ensures its comfortable to hold and you’ll never lose the mallet thanks to the in-built storage. It even features a pair of durable resonator boxes in different sizes to give you the perfect sound quality.With 2 stylish colours to choose from, the Hi-Lo Agogo is ideal for gigging percussionists, budding musicians and anyone who just wants a bit of musical fun!The new Hi-Lo percussion range from Halilit features innovative styling and amazing sounds that are perfect for studio or stage. Many of the instruments even feature the ability to vary the pitch with a simple adjustment of the player’s grip. This high-quality range is perfect for children and teenagers, as well as for educational settings and professional musicians looking for innovative and stylish percussion instruments.


  • Perfectly balanced sounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in red or blue colours
  • Durable design
  • Great in schools as well as any bands and orchestras
  • For gigging professionals and budding student musician

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