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Hohner M533037 Blues Harp in D

Hohner M533037 Blues Harp in D

Hohner M533037 Blues Harp in D

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  • Model: M533037

Diatonic harmonicas from Hohner impress with their highest quality, excellent response and the best sound properties. The harmonica built according to the Richter system are basically single-tone and can be recognized by the undivided air ducts. They are often simply called 'blues harps' and are particularly suitable as melody instruments for the music styles blues, rock, country and the like. Folk music. The single tones allow the player to bend (bend) and overblow (overblowing) certain tones to create the typical howling blues sound as well as the missing chromatic tones!The abbreviation 'MS' stands for the modular system, a holistic concept for the harmonica design by Hohner. MS harmonicas benefit from innovations that improve playing characteristics as well as making maintenance and handling much easier. All MS components (comb body, reed plates and cover) can be individually combined with one another. An uncomplicated assembly is made possible by simple screw connections. The concept offers the player the possibility to adapt the instrument to his individual needs.


  • 20 reeds
  • Reed plate brass 0.9mm
  • Comb body made of wood
  • about 10cm long
  • TONE: D

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