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Hohner M533087 Blues Harp MS G

Hohner M533087 Blues Harp MS G

Hohner M533087 Blues Harp MS G

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  • Model: M533087

The Blues Harp MS harmonica is the only member of the MS series with a wooden body. Despite the fact that the boards are attached to the wooden comb with two screws, this model retains the characteristic hoarse - rough timbre, which is typical for instruments with a wooden body. The instrument is suitable for both beginners and professional performers.The abbreviation MS in the name of the accordion means the method of their production using interchangeable components. All parts are bolted together, which allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the accordions. The comb, boards and covers are interchangeable with all other accordions in the MS series, you can create any combination that suits your playing style.


  • Diatonic harmonica 
  • Series : MS-Series
  • Tuning : Richter
  • Number of holes : 10
  • 20 copper tongues
  • Boards : copper 0.9 mm.
  • Body : Wood * doussie
  • Cover material : stainless steel
  • Key : G
  • New bright packaging
  • Plastic case
  • Length about 10cm.

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