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Fender Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ in Olympic White

Fender Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ in Olympic White

Fender Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ in Olympic White

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The Precision Bass is a legendary instrument with an iconic tone, and this Squier Affinity model gives you a piece of that at a far more affordable price point. You get the classic P-Bass design and that instantly recognisable tone as well as an added Jazz Bass pickup for greater versatility.

Body and Neck

The Squier Affinity P-Bass is designed to be reliable and accessible. The body itself is made from poplar, a lightweight wood, and features the ergonomic cutaways and contours that make the P-Bass a pleasure to play even up into the higher frets.

The neck is made from maple with a matching maple fingerboard which has a glossy, smooth feel to it. The neck fits comfortably in the hand with its "C" shape profile and the fingerboard has a slightly curved 9.5" radius which is great for fretting individual notes and chords alike.

Pickups and Electronics

At the centre of this bass is the classic split-coil pickup. This ceramic pickup has the tone you'd want and expect out of a P-Bass - thick, round, and with plenty of punch. A super versatile sound that can be heard in a wide range of genres. This Affinity Precision Bass adds to the traditional formula with a Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge for a tighter, snappier, and more articulate sound.

This bass gives you two volume controls, one for each pickup. So you can have the sound of each pickup by itself by setting the other to 0, or you can go for any blend of the two. You also get a master tone control which allows you to further shape the sound of the two pickups.

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