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Ernie Ball P04249 Wipes String Cleaner 20 Pk

Ernie Ball P04249 Wipes String Cleaner 20 Pk
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Ernie Ball P04249 Wipes String Cleaner 20 Pk

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Ernie Ball P04249 WIPES STRING CLEANER 20 PK: During a long gig or marathon studio session, your strings will pick up plenty of sweat and grime. This impacts your playing feel, dulls your tone, and shortens string life. To combat this issue, Ernie Ball formulated their Wonder Wipes String Cleaner to clean and protect your strings. Each individually packaged wipe is soaked in a formula that cuts through grime and lubricates your strings in the same swipe. Guitar players appreciate how well these wipes restore the smooth playability of their strings. Designed for musicians by musicians, Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes String Cleaners are sure to impress you.


  • Cleans your strings and makes them feel like new
  • Cuts through sweat, dirt, and playing grime
  • Individually packaged wipes eliminate the risk of spills and messy cleanup
  • Protects as well as cleans

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