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Halilit HL6000 Hi-Lo range stage pack-Blue

Halilit HL6000 Hi-Lo range stage pack-Blue

Halilit HL6000 Hi-Lo range stage pack-Blue

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  • Model: HL6000BLUE

The Hi-Lo stage pack is the perfect set of instruments for gigging percussionists, budding musicians or just those who want a bit of musical fun! This great value set includes a Tambourine, Guiro, Shaker, Maracas, Agogo and Vibra Shaker so you’ll be making wonderful music in no time!Each instrument has been specially designed with absolute care, taking into consideration ergonomics, ease of use and comfort but most of all – the perfect sound effects. The innovative modern design and stylish blue colour combined with the finest raw materials make Hi-Lo percussion the perfect musical instruments, ensuring you’ll be the star of the stage!The Tambourine is solid, light and sturdy, with quality jingles and a comfortable grip. The hollow handle serves as a resonator box enabling you to adjust and balance the high-low pitch with a touch of your fingers.The Guiro is comfortable to hold and allows you to play high and low sounds by a simple pressure of your fingers on the flexible, yet durable body shape.


  • A great value set from the Hi-Lo range
  • Perfect for the gigging percussionist
  • All instruments ergonomically designed
  • Innovative designs with pitch changing capabilities
  • Sturdy and durable
  • All supplied in blue colour

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