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Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black

Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black
Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black
Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black
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Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black
Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black
Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black

Yamaha Piaggero NP-35 76-key Portable Piano - Black

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  • Model: NP35B

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Yamaha's Piaggero: A Sleek, Fun, Lightweight Piano

"76-key Digital Piano with Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling, Adjustable Sensitivity Graded Soft Touch Box-style Keys, 15 Voices, 25 Songs, USB Port, and Battery Power - Black"

Inspired to name the Piaggero NP-35 76-key portable pianoafter its minuscule weight, Yamaha combined piano with leggero, the musical term denoting “light.” These straightforward and incredibly lightweight digital pianos are superb choices for individuals with space constraints, new students, musicians wanting a MIDI keyboard, or players who need to build finger strength. Their box-style keys recall those of a true piano while offering you the ability to choose sensitivity. Equipped with battery power, your Piaggero can go anywhere you can — even outside! Plus, 15 voices, 25 songs, and a host of educational features await inside

Rich Yamaha sound, classic piano-shaped keys

To say Yamaha is world renowned for the rich, detailed sound of its acoustic and digital pianos would be an understatement. The Piaggero leverages the company's time-honed technology to provide you with an instrument that speaks with a clear, full, powerful voice. To achieve this, they equipped the Piaggeros with Advanced Wave Memory tone-generating technology plus the gorgeous sound of the Yamaha full concert grand, the CFIIIS. As for the keys, they feel similar to an actual piano, taking their shape from that forbearer as well. The Piaggero NP-15 features a box type of key, while the Piaggero NP-35 also adds in graded soft touch for a more realistic experience. Combined with 64-note polyphony, this keybed is ripe for playing pop tunes and simple classical pieces.

Awesome practice features

A Yamaha Piaggero is a fantastic instrument for learning the piano or brushing up on your keyboard skills. With features like metronome, record, transpose, and layer voices, among others, the Piaggero ensures an engaging and exciting piano experience. Users can also connect to the Smart Pianist app for even more musical features that will expand this digital piano's capabilities.

The benefits of a digital instrument

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-15 and NP-35 are not only sleek and elegant digital instruments, but they’re also indispensable learning tools at a manageable price point. The Piaggero can function as a practice instrument or it can function as a MIDI keyboard to send data to your DAW. It’s lightweight and an excellent choice for apartments. A headphone jack allows for silent practice so you can brush up on your etudes while a baby sleeps in the next room. You can attach a sustain pedal for more detailed piano expression. Lastly, a USB port connects your Piaggero to PCs, computers, and smart devices.


  • 76 box-style keys with graded soft touch and a lighter feel than a traditional piano
  • Use as a fun educational tool by layering voices, recording yourself, using the metronome, transposing, and more
  • Max polyphony of 64 excellent for pop songs and simple classical pieces
  • 15 voices to explore, including pianos, electric pianos, organs, and more
  • 25 songs to explore
  • Port for connecting sustain pedal
  • USB port for connecting to PCs and smart devices
  • Headphone port for silent practice
  • Take it anywhere you go thanks to its battery power capability (or use a 12V AC power adapter)
  • Connect to the Smart Pianist app for even more control


  • Type:Stage Piano
  • Sound Engine:AWM Stereo Sampling
  • Number of Keys:76
  • Type of Keys:Semi-weighted
  • Touch Sensitivity:Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
  • Polyphony:64 notes
  • Presets:15 voices
  • Effects:6 x Reverb
  • Audio Recording:1 song (up to 7,000 notes)
  • Audio Outputs:1 x 1/4" (phones/output)
  • USB:1 x Type B
  • Pedal Inputs:1 x 1/4" (sustain)
  • Built-in Speakers:2 x (4.75" x 3.14")
  • Amplifier:2 x 6W
  • Power Supply:6 x AA, 12V DC (1.5A) power supply (included)
  • Height:4.125"
  • Width:49.62"
  • Depth:10.25"
  • Weight:13.25 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number:NP35B

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