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Ahuja DPA-370 PA Mixer Amplifier

Ahuja DPA-370 PA Mixer Amplifier

Ahuja DPA-370 PA Mixer Amplifier

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  • Model: DPA370

Elevate your sound reinforcement with the Ahuja DPA-370M PA Mixer Amplifier, a powerful and versatile audio solution designed for various public address applications. With its exceptional features and reliable performance, this amplifier is an ideal choice for both small and mid-sized venues.


  1. Versatile Inputs:

    • Equipped with 2 Mic inputs and 1 Aux input, providing flexibility to connect microphones and various audio sources.
  2. Built-in MP3 Player:

    • Features a convenient built-in MP3 player with a USB reader and remote control, allowing for easy playback of your favorite music.
  3. Line Output:

    • Includes a Line Output for seamless connection to a Booster Amplifier, expanding your audio setup if needed.
  4. Tone Control:

    • Cut type tone control ensures precise adjustments to match your audio preferences, delivering an optimized listening experience.
  5. Emergency Power Transfer:

    • Allows for instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) in case of AC power failure, ensuring uninterrupted operation during critical moments.
  6. Powerful Output:

    • With a power output of 30 Watts, this amplifier provides ample sound reinforcement for small to mid-sized venues.


  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Dimensions: W230 x H95 x D260 mm
  • Frequency Response: 100-12,000Hz ±3dB
  • Output Power: 37W Max
  • Outputs: Line - 250mV/3.5k
  • Power Supply: AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz, DC: 12-14V Car Battery


This mixer amplifier has two microphone inputs and one Aux input. To use it, connect the microphones and Aux input to the mixer amplifier. Then, adjust the tone control to get the desired sound. Finally, connect the line output to the Booster Amplifier.

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