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Ahuja SWX200P Powered Subwoofer

Ahuja SWX200P Powered Subwoofer

Ahuja SWX200P Powered Subwoofer

AED 928
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  • Model: SWX200P

A single SWX-200P working with six to eight satellite speakers forms an ideal Business music system for an area up to 2400 sq. ft. (240 sq. mtrs.)Housed in an elegant PVC coated wooden cabinet. SWX-200P has two unbalanced independent inputs. One accepts signals of 200mV and the other accepts 1V signals. Built-in fourth-order electronic Low pass filter, with selection of 80 / 120Hz cut-off frequencies. The 80 / 120Hz crossover points facilitate matching with any background or foreground speaker system. 


  • This Powered Subwoofer has been designed solely for the reproduction of the Super Bass Range.
  • Easy to install and with user-friendly operations, it can be simply connected to an existing music as well as PA system to enjoy powerful bass reproduction.
  • Vented Down-firing speaker System using an 8" high output LF driver.
  • Built-in 100W low distortion, direct-coupled amplifier to produce powerful bass.
  • Built-in Subsonic filter to keep out unwanted noise such as hum and rumble, for protection of the speaker

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